Oue Werf Country House on the farm Arbeidslus | 
156 years & 6 generations on the same farm

Our History

It all started when the First Spies came from Amberg in Germany to South Africa in 1747 as a soldier in duty of the VOIC - Verenigde Oos Indiese Kompanje - and stayed on in South Africa. His great grandson is our first Spies Father.

Spies Generations

Top row left to right:
Generation #1, his wife - Regina, # 2.

Bottom row left to right:  
Generation #3, #4 , #5, #6.

#1 Christoffel Fredirik Jacobus Spies
#2 Christoffel Fredirik Jacobus Spies
#3 Christoffel Fredirik Jacobus Spies
#4 Marius Johannes Spies
#5 Christoffel Fredirik Jacobus Spies
#6 Christoffel Fredirik Jacobus Spies

Family name: Christoffel Fredirik Jacobus Spies have been proudly passed on from father to first born son for 6 generations!!!

Christoffel Fredirik Jacobus born on 23/3/1833 was the first Spies father of the family (on the foto on the left top) who came to the Schoemanshoek Valley to work on the farm Buffelsdrift, near Oudtshoorn.

In 1857 he married a girl from the Schumacher's Valley - which later became the Schoemanshoek Valley. Regina Catharina Schoeman was the 5th Child of the 5th generation of the first Heinrich Schumacher in South Africa. When she got married, she inherited a farm from her brother - Portion 22 of Roodewal nr 47, and this evolved into Oue Werf Country House & Manor, 156 years later.

The second Christoffel and his brother were the first directors of the Spies tobacco factory in Schoemanshoek.

Over the years the first 3 Spies generations lived in the original farm house from 1857 to 1940 (83 years). From 1940 to 1966 it was rented to a couple for 26 years. In 1949 generation nr 3, decided to built a new farm house on the same property.

From 1966 this old buildings (main house & wagon house) served as a farm package store for generation nr 3& 4 until 1988 (22years)

Oue Werf Country House is born …. During 1988 generation number 4 started to develop the buildings into a guesthouse and the first guests arrived in September 1988, to stay in the 8 lovely luxurious units. In Sept 2013 the guesthouse will be in operation for 25 years.

2007 generation nr 5 decided to renovate the house built in 1949 by generation nr 3 whichis today used as the Orchard Fine Foods Coffee Shop, Deli & market and has 4 luxurious Manor Rooms.

Yes, we are still active farmers

And today?

Marius (4th generation ) & his son Christoffel (5th Generation) are still active farmers involved with seed production, apricots, sheep & cattle.

Oue Werf Country House & Manor
Marius (4th Generation) & Annelie Spies are the current owners of Oue Werf, the home of their Great Great Grandfather est 1857.

Oue Werf Country House and Manor is proud of its 12 luxurious rooms each with its special character and history. Eight Oue Werf units and four rooms in the Manor House.